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There's been trials and tribulations, you know I've had my share. But I've climbed the mountain, I've crossed the river and I'm almost there. But where do I begin? Where should I commence to unravel the laborious and enervating aspects of this task? The task of creating my Digital Annotated Bibliography (DAB)Sigh...I thought writing a 12 page essay for my sociology class was a lot work, but believe me, not anymore. This assignment top the #1 charts of ponderous tasks I've been apted to complete throughout my first semester at John Jay. 


For this assignment, I was inquired to find four scholarly peered review articles from my school's library database, four webarticles, four websites and four videos. After that I had to annotate each one 300 words each. In total, there were sixteen sources of information. Finding information on my topic (teenage pregnancy) was easy, but when it came to finding articles from my school's library database, it was not. At first when my professor took us to the lab to find the library articles, I found alot and I was ecstatic because alot of my peers was having trouble finding some in relation to their topic. But when the time came for me to read and annotate, I soon became despaired, for as I began to read, I realized that the articles was not relating to America. I was back at square one. 


I started the annotation process friday night, and it took me all weekend to complete. My goal was to do atleast four a night, so I went some nights without sleep, in order to meet this objective. By monday night, my bibliographies were complete. I was highly relieved for my long dreary and thwarting process was finally over. A burden was lifted of my shoulders that day but I did not regret not one bit of it. Despite the duration of the process, I gained a lot of valuable information as I was drawn in by some of the articles I read. The equipped knowledge was awe awakening.


Shortly after the DAB process, I was required to do a literature review. This consisted of me reiterating all the information I had already accumulated and placing them in an order that flowed liked an essay. A few, minor tweaks was made ofcourse. This was the easiest aspect of my research project since I had done majority of the work in the DAB. 


In contempt of the complexity and burdensome in the fabrication of this reserach project, I do not regret having to do it. Constructing this assessment was indeed a learning process. I've had a fair share of ups and downs, malaise and all, but I stuck through it all and I managed to get my project done in a timely manner. Seeing the definitive product gives me hope and faith that something good will come from this and that my hardwork and dedication will ultimately pay off. I'm a bit skeptical about what's coming next, but I know it's nothing I can't handle. The most enervating task is complete. The more material I contribute to my website, the more exultant and triumphant I feel. 



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.