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At the beginning of the semester, English class seemed pretty easy as the work only comprised of 600 word papers. To me that was nothing because I, myself enjoy writing. One day as I sat in bed listening to music, I decided to skim through my syllabus to get a gist of what was in store for me. As I was skimming through it, my eyes made full contact with what said to be a "Dialogue Essay". I was not hesitant at this point because the thought of writing another essay seemed like a breeze to me, but as I read the credentials for the task, my heart began to pound. To prepare for the Dialogue Essay, I had to conduct a focus group where I interviewed peers in my class. Endured by the midst of these mere words, I began to panic. I had never conducted a focus group before, and I was completely scared and anxious at the same time. Without a doubt, my mind, body and soul suddenly became despondent. I entered a state of mind that was utterly blank.


As the deadline for this reasearch study drew near, I started to get cold feet. When the time came for me to interview my peers, I was lost about what specific questions I should ask them. I chose the topic about heartbreaks, as it is substantially something most modern teenagers experience in their lifetime. Many questions, thoughts and gestures crossed my my mind in the gist of the moment and I had no idea what specific question I should ask. Finally, I came up with the sole idea to ask my peers, "How do young people deal with a heartbreak? How do they initially get over it? Have you ever wrote anything on social media after a breakup?. After asking these myriad of questions, the responses I got back was prodigious. Everyone was subtle, precise, and professional during the concept of the questioning and evaluation. The interview was conducted for a series of ten mineutes, being so, I decided to record every individuals response to the questions as it would lift some the wieght of my shoulders when it was time to embed their responses into the paper.


Conducting this focus group was nothing like I thought it would be. It was immensely entertaining and amusing as the responses I got greatly deciphered. The individuals I interviewed were all boys and being that I was the only female in the group, they each made me feel comfortable and relaxed as I was a bit uneasy at first. The conversations were flowing and each peer had something valuable and interesting to say. I even wish it couldve been more than ten minutes.


Subsequently, the time to put all the information I gathered from each individual had come to pass. As what I had was just raw data, I became uneasy again as I had no idea about where I should start. I replayed the recording to refresh my memory of the interview, and listening to it made me laugh all over again. I then began to write. Once my fingers touched the keyboards on my computer, the ideas and thoughts began to slow. But when it was time to embed my peers responses, I was stuck. I eventually found my way around it and I was undeniably relieved. My paper was complete. At first, I was not self reliant about my writing, but as I read it over, I was shocked. I was highly amazed of the outcome of the paper.


Being that this was inevitably the first focus group I had ever conducted, the best part of it all was conducting the focus group itself. It was fun, entertaining, and knowledgeable at the same time. I was anxious about the grade I was going to receive when I turned it in. But when I got back the results, I was immediately filled with joy and elation as it was a huge success. My hardwork and dedication had undeniably paid off.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.