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A great poet once said, "If you set a goal for yourself and are able to achieve it, you have won your race. Your goal can be to come in first, to improve your performance, or just to finish the race - it's up to you".


After two long months of hard work, dedication, and commitment, my Eportfolio is finally complete and I could not be any happier right now. Looking at all the work I've done and all that I have accomplished within my first semester at John Jay, is quite exhilarating and I profoundly feel ecstatic. During the space of these four months, I have watched myself grow, and flourish into the amazing, intellectual, and talented writer that I am today. My AP English teacher in High school always told me that I have the potential and talent to be a great writer, but I never saw it until now. I always doubted myself back then, but now, I've been awaken to the reality of things. Being given the dire opportunity to write about the things that interest me most, my life experiences, and just let my thoughts flow on a piece of paper was a great experience for me as I got to enjoy doing something that I love.


Somehow I am still in utter disbelief that I have managed to write a plethora of motivational and interesting literary pieces all on my own. Through this long and dreary process, my amazing Professor, Carmen Kynard, have inspired and deeply motivated me into reaching this goal and to maybe pursue a side hobby of writing my own novel someday. Her amazing persona and humorous wit have kept me direly sane throughout my first semester at John Jay, leaving me only wanting to write more. Carmen gave me an opportunity to voice my opinions and to let my voice be heard, giving me words of wisdom and great feedback on every piece of literature I have written. Being so, I will be seeing her for yet another semester next year. Boy am I excited. Without a doubt, this is the only class that I will truly miss as I have befriended some amazing people along the way.


Now that my semester has finally come to an end, I can finally take the time out to relax and unwind. Since school commenced, my life revolved around going to school, coming home and getting my homework done. I haven't got any time for for myself to hang out with friends, or even catch a movie here and there. Because of this, I have learnt an entirely lot. College is no game and it's all about time management and commitment. Despite the lack of fun I have been able to have because of school, I can truly say I enjoyed every part of it. I finished this semester strong with high hopes of looking forward to the next one to come. 


All my hard work, dedication and commitment have ultimately paid off and a surfeit of intriguing works that I have written flood these dire pages. I commend myself for a great job done, but although one journey have ended, another one begins.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.