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       Hi There! My name is Omar! I'm twenty three years old, soon to be twenty four. I grew up in the Bronx, New York and have been a new yorker my entire life. I went to a private high school (all boy's). I received my Associates Degree of Art in Criminal Justice from SUNY Delhi, a very small State University in upstate New York. I'm a Frater (Brother) of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. I chose to come to John Jay at first because it was in an easily accessible place from where I live currently, which is New Jersey. The minute I stepped into the doors, my entire attitude changed, I knew I came here for something better. I'm currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree of Science in Computer Science and information security. I feel Computers drive the world we live in. No matter what you do, Computers can be used to help you do it better and I want to be a part of controlling such an important innovation, you can also make a darn good living with skills in the computer field as well (winks). I have a HUGE love for language and understanding other people, even if they don't think I do. I speak English, Spanish, some French, I'm learning Arabic at the moment, and soon Russian at some point. I have traveled to a number of places, like Canada, Germany, and Jamaica, so I have a bit of tolerance when it comes to other cultures.

       I've had mostly retail jobs in my life, and it drove me to hate everything about my life, like not having money, and not having a feeling of fullfillment or even productivity for my country. I decided to change my life for the better to reach my full potential, as well as make a difference in my country. My Career goals are not quite set in stone yet. On one side, I want to serve my country, and start a career in the CIA, hopefully. On the other I would love to make decent money in the Business or Computer Industries. I have a passion for video games and the industry itself, so I'll probably go for that. I definitely would like to have skills that I can use to make a difference in this world, but also skills that will definitely get me a well paying job in something that I will love to do. I will make that choice after I receive my Bachelors Degree.

        In terms on my personality, I'm pretty charismatic when I want to be. Some days I'm shy, most days i'm talkative. I'm great with people and I love meeting new people when i'm in the right mood, however, sometimes i just love being alone as well. I love eating new foods! It's perfectly to call me a foodie. Whenever I can, I try to find new places to find a bite to eat I've never had before.

        I'm very professional when you first meet me, then after awhile i'll be more of an immature-friendly kind of guy. I'm the type of man that tries to live his life close to the way of "The True Gentleman" ~ John Walter Wayland 1899. I live my life with a bearing toward being an honorable man.I will never make a poor man conscious of his lack of resources, and I don't cringe before a larger man than myself, rather, I respect him, and strive to be bigger than him. I've been raised by women so I have learned to respect them. 

        Other than that small number of facts about me (not so small), I'm always looking forward to what my destiny has in store for me, and I just run toward it, unwavering, faithful, and expectant.

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I am from Work Gloves

from New Balance Sneakers and Jeans.

I am from One Bedroom.

(Quiet, Dark.)

It felt cold.

I am from the Poison Sumac

the Black Rose

Black Petals, beautiful but deadly.


I'm from Loud Voices and Sociopathy

             from Milagros and Freddy.

I'm from free advice

    and Live Changing Mistakes

from Mira! and Omar!

I'm from being at work on a Sunday

         from empty promises and burnt out candles.


I'm from Manhattan and Dominican Republic

Platanoes and Fried Cheese.

From the babies with the Parasites

          Under the Television, in the Albums under the dust blankets, forgotten with             our Past.

I am from French Vanilla Coffee and 7/11 Slurpees, from an Aspiration, a Dream, deep inside.


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