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    • October 10th, 2016; First Story in John Jay Sentinel!

      Being in my ENG 233 class, we are required to write a campus feature story that counts as a good piece of our grade. I wasn't sure what to write it on until one of my peer leaders, Olivia, mentioned the e-portfolios and e-terns that want more people to know about it. At that moment I knew that I found a story that I needed to pitch for my professor. When I pitched it to my professor through an online databse called "J-LAB", the editor of 'The Sentinel' said that he wanted my story to be on the website because it is something that has never been discussed before. I didn't believe it, but I did the interviews and wrote the story anyhow. Today I just decided to go on the news website and there it was: my story on "The Sentinel" website! I have to admit I didn't believe my story was that good, since it was my first newpaper story ever, but I'm so pleased and amazed!

      Link to the story: http://johnjaysentinel.com/2016/10/06/e-portfolio/ 

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  • November 15th, 2016; Second Story in the Sentinel!

    This story was really hard for my partner and I to write about. We were assigned to go out the day after the election to find out how students and faculty were feeling now that we know what the election results were. I didn't want this story to affect me, but it did. It was something that I just wasn't ready to deal with, but this story allowed me to deal with my feelings and I felt comforted that I wasn't the only that felt the way that I did. 

    Link to the storyhttp://johnjaysentinel.com/2016/11/15/post-election-thoughts/

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  • May 5th, 2017; Winning "Best ePortfolio of the Year" Award

Maybe the month before the award ceremony I was given the opportunity to showcase my ePortfolio to the whole John Jay community at the first ever, ePortfolio Showcase. This was actually something that I didn't think too much about when applying. Since this professional ePortfolio was introduced to me in the Summer of 2016, I just updated it slowly about my progress at John Jay and the evolution of what I wanted to do after college. 


This ePortfolio is a great way to get my thoughts together about whatever it is that I decide to do after college and showcase the progress that (I think) I'm making throughout these amazing four years. I was being honest about what I wanted people to see through my ePortfolio and the last thing that I expected was to win an award. 


I think this is a great example to where things you least think about but hard work into can take you. 



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