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Adelante/CREAR Futuros!


What is Adelante/CREAR Futuros?


Adelante!/CREAR Futuros is a two year program that unique to John Jay.

It is made of two specific parts: Adelante! which is the academic part of the program. We supply workshops and support to our freshman and sophomore students in anyway that would help ensure their success.


The second part of this amazing program is the CUNY CREAR Futuros program that is partnered with a non-profit organization called Hispanic Federation. Although from our part of the program we are giving students the resources to ensure their academic success, CREAR allows us to give us our students the professional resources to expand and practice their skills for their professional life.


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My journey with Adelante!/CREAR Futuros has been such an amazing one that still hasn't ended. It all started my first semester at John Jay (Fall 2015) when my first year seminar was automatically part of Adelante! I was then introduced to my Peer Success Coach, Kelly, and she then explained more about the program and what the benefits are to getting involved. I knew from the moment that I heard about the program I wanted to get involved and take as much advantage as I could.


Fall 2015 was the semester where I met Nancy Yang, Jay Chopra, the SASP Office, Hispanic Federation and learned about the different ways to open my eyes about opportunities and my future. Through this program I was able to open my eyes to the future that I thought had planned and what was actually going to good fo my future. It was during this semester where I first met the President of The Hispanic Federation. I learned about the different opportunities on campus, learned about where to find opportunities through my Academic Journey and what kind of experiences should I be adding to my resume.


Spring 2016 opened the first door that is going to impact the rest of my college journey. During the second semester of freshman year, Adelante! has a program called Adelante! Edge, which is a program to help students get an idea of what program are available to them to apply, as well as help them create and/or update their resume, complete mock interviews and learn what it takes to know what kind of opportunities would look best for you and your future.


Through Adelante! Edge I decided to apply to be a Peer Success Coach at SASP. From the moment that I first met my PSC and learned the work that they did, I knew that this was something tha In wanted to do. Through Edge I as helped with the application proces, interview, the proper attire for the interview and learning how to hold head up even when I'm not feeling confident.


I'm extremely grateful for all that Adelante! has provided me with and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for as both a Peer Success Coach and a student.

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Hispanic Federation Gala 2016

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