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Currently, I am a lower junior with a 3.4 GPA, at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. I began at John Jay in Fall of 2015 as a Pre-Science student with full intentions of eventually being a Forensic Scientist. 


Since the time that I was 8, and understood the concept of college, I thought that I would be a Forensic Scientist and would work with the FBI to help solve crimes and save people. I knew that it wasn't like the TV show CSI, but I did want to be apart of that field. So for the longest time I read books about Forensics, watched documentaries, and basically anything that I could get my hands on. Eventually from all of this, came the love that I have for serial killers and crime scenes. 


I graduated from New Utrecht High School June of 2015 and was beyond psyched to learn that I was going to be apart of the John Jay class of 2019. Like I said before I came into John Jay as a Pre-Science student with the intention of being a Forensic Science major. What I didn't know what that I had to pass certain classes (with certain grades) to be eligible to be apart of the Forensic Science program since it is such a competitive program, which eventually helped me realize I wasn't meant to be in this major nor to be in that particular career.




Coming into John Jay I was so afraid of not being able to meet new people that I wasn't myself, and I was also afraid of being apart of a "norm" that I didn't want to admit that I wasn't happy about where I was both in my classes and in my social life. Throughout my senior year of high school I always heard things like "oh, college is so different," "there are going to be parties everywhere," and, my personal favorite, "everyone changes their major." That last one has always been the one that I tried to avoid, naturally I am not a party girl, so the second one really didn't scare me as much, but the fact that there was a remote possibility that the plan I had while walking through the doors on the first day might completely change scared the bejesus out of me. I tried so hard to like my classes and create a friendly relationship with my professors that I didn't realize how I felt about actually being in my major classes. I learned my first extremely important my first year--I had to listen to myself and my gut if I am going to succeed in college.


After my first semester I realised that even though my classes were going great, I finished with a GPA of 3.78 which I am very proud of, but I wasn't happy with the classes that I had. But me having a huge ego, since I have told everyone and their mother that I was going into Forensic Science, I didn't want to let anyone down. That should have been the first red flag in my mind that this major wasn't what was right for me. It took me until the middle of my second semester to find admit to myself that Forensic Science and the course load just wasn't for me. I still have a love for the sciences but I just couldn't dignify the reasons of the stress that I was undergoing. I took me a lot time to really think about what it is that I wanted to do with my life now that my plan has completely shattered. 


Since I really needed help making a decision, my Peer Success Coach, Kelly Khan, was my go-to person. I was able to sit down and really think about the options that I had--stay with my course of pre-science, and hopefully Forensic Science, or go into another major that will truly make me happy and rethink everything about my career path. After talking to all of my advisors and thinking about my classes, I decided that changing my major was what was best for me and my life. 


So, as of April 2016, I am an English major with a Creative Writing minor.




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.