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Although I may be bias, the classes are amazing, the professors are the best, and there is no other major that I could see myself in. As crazy as it seems, being an English major is one of those majors where there is no direct commitment. What I mean by this is unlike Forensic Science, your career choices are limited (to a certain extent) because of the fact that you are so heavy concentrated on science, math and whatever track you choose. But with English you can do anything and everything your heart desires with it, want to go to law school? Be an English major. Want to become a writer? Be an English major. Want to get your masters in something totally unrelated to your English major? Go right ahead (as long as you have the pre-reqs).

As I'm sure I've mentioned before, and as you see above, I speak so much better through a pen and paper/computer than verbally because I always need a second or two to gather my thoughts and to find the right words so I don't sound completely weird; That's another beauty about being an English major, you learn how to perfect your writing skills and how to perfect your communication skills- both verbally and written.


The weight that I had on shoulders while a Pre-Science major has been lifted. Of course I still worry about my classes and the workload that is going to come with each class, but at least now I know that I'm decent writer with pretty good story ideas, with a passion for writing and learning more.

The journey is still a long way ahead, but I know that with the support from my friends and family I'll be able to go as far as I can dream.


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Courses I intend to take with this major:


Fall 2016:

  • LIT 237: Literature as Witness 

Spring 2017:

  • LIT 260: Intro to Lit Study

Fall 2017:

  • LIT 300: Text and Content
  • LIT 372: Topics in Early Modern Literature

Spring 2018:

  • LIT 305: Foundations of Literature and Law
  • LIT 374: Topics in Nineteenth Century Literature

Fall 2018:

  • LIT 375: Topics in Twentieth Century Literature
  • LIT 400: Senior Seminar in Literature

Spring 2019:

  • LIT 379: Selected Historical Topics in Literature
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.