DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

College Now (2014)


Spring 2014

BSS 100: Individual His/Her World


Fall 2014

CJ 101: Introduction to Criminal Justice- Professor Sarah Airall


Freshman Year (2015-2016)*


Fall 2015

ENG 101: Composition I- Professor Amy Lawless

CHEM 100: Prep General Chem- Professor Phillip Boda

LIT 105: Intro to Film- Professor Marc Dolan

LLS 100: First Year Seminar: Latino/a Studies- Professor Sumaya Villanueva

MAT 105: College Algebra- Professor Michael McGill


Spring 2016

ENG 201: Composition 2- Professor Amy Lawless

BIO 101: General Biology- Professor Raquel Castellanos

CHEM 101: General Chemistry- Professor Michael Gittings

MAT 141: Pre-Calculus- Professor Rita Shamuilova

SPA 112: Spanish II for Heritage Students- Professor Evangelia Manatou


Sophomore Year (2016-2017)**


Fall 2016 

ANT 230: Culture & Crime- Professor Albert Sgambati

ENG 212: Creative Writing- Professor Sara Whitestone

CSL 210: Peer Counseling Training- Professor Nancy Yang

LIT 233: News Reporting & Writing- Professor Devin Harner

LIT 237: Lit as Witness- Professor Jonathan Gray


Spring 2017

CSL 211: Peer Counseling Training- Professor Nancy Yang

ENG 255: Argument Writing- Professor Livia Katz

ENG 392: Advanced Poetry Writing- Professor Alexander Long

ENG 334: Intermediate News Reporting- Professor Devin Harner

HIS 131: History of Madness- Professor Jessica Kovler

LIT 260: Intro to Lit Study- Professor Jonathan Gray


Junior Year (2017-2018)**


Fall 2017

ENG 216: Fiction Writing- Professor Andrew Selsberg--Check out my ePortfolio here!

ENG 260: Grammar, Syntax, and Style- Professor Lesley Hansen 

ENG 316: Advanced Argument Writing and Response- Professor Livia Katz

LIT 300: Text and Content- Professor Jean Mills

LIT 372: Topics in Early Modern Literature- Professor John Staines

SOC 377: Internship for Sociology- Professor Crystal Jackson/Professor Sara Whitestone


Winter 2018

LLS 322: Latino/a Struggles- Professor Adrian Bordoni


Spring 2018 (In Progess)

ENG 313: Advanced Fiction Writing- Professor Claudia Zuluaga

HIS 201American Civilization- Professor Jessica Kovler 

LIT 265: Foundation of Latino/a Literature- Professor Belinda Rincon

LIT 305: Foundation of Literature & Law- Professor Andrew Majeske

LIT 375: Topics in 20th Century Literature- Professor Jean Mills

LLS 124: Latina/os in the U.S.- Professor Daniel Shaw


* Took these courses while still in Pre-science/Forensic Science

** Once I changed my major to English and added my Creative Writing minor. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.