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Peer Success Coach at

Student Academic Success Programs (SASP)

 SASP isn't just any other program here at John Jay. This is a program where successful students are able to be Peer Success Coaches to freshman and/or sophomore students to ensure their success during their time. 


Being a peer success coach means being apart of a bigger umbrella and being able to meet more important and amazing people who definitely have and continue to make an impact on my life.


Being a peer success coach I was assigned to work with 3 group of students- Early Start, Adelante/CREAR Futuros, and DREAMers. Each of these students have different needs and all have different specific resources in their cohort, but ultimately, my office and I are a support system for the students. I meet with the students one by one to ensure that their time at John Jay is one that they are going to be able to look and say, "Wow, college was amazing because I know that I had people that I could rely on no matter what the problem was."


Ultimately, that is my goal: to get each of my students to realize that the support system that they have and learn how it can help them.




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One Semester of Being a PSC


Being a PSC for a semester so far has really changed the way that I look at myself, students and college in general. Coming in as a freshman last year, I really didn't think that it would be that hard to be successful in college and after meeting my own Peer Success Coach, I didn't think that I would need a success team to help me throughout my own journey. 


I couldn't have been more wrong. I was taken back by how much my team helped me throughout my first year; from being shown how to learn the skill of time managment, being able to talk about the reality of my classes and stress, and being able to be honest about my major and how coming to school makes me feel. From the moment that I heard about the application to be apart of SASP, I knew that I wanted to the person that my PSC was to me.


Fall 2016 was my first semester of being a PSC and I couldn't have been more nervous. Even though I had the privilage to work during the summer with the Early Start cohort, I wasn't able to fully used my "Peer Success Coaching powers", which made me even more nervous since I wasn't able to perfect those "powers" over the summer. Yet the moment the semester started, the connection that I created over the summer with my ES students made it so easy to be able to help them and have them come to me with whatever problems and questions that they may have. 


Without a doubt, last semester showed me that it is only the beginning of the amazing journey and I can't wait to see what else my students have in store for me and the different roads and obstacles that I'm going to overcome. 

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