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    Poems are one of the two ways that I am able to relax and process whatever it is that is bothering me. Some poems are really dark, and some are really jolly and happy. It really all depends on my mood, my experiences and everyday is a different journey.

  So I hope you enjoy my poems and, maybe, you just might be able to relate to them.

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La Norte Ti Ha Preso

Il nostro tempo insieme e terminato ma la memoria tua e viva

Nel mio cuore la tua rista e occhi belli e perfetti

Hai lasciato questa terra

Ma sempre ti amo

Ricordi quando felici eramo

Ridemo e giocavamo

Come se avevamo tutto il tempo del mando

Ma tutto si e infranto con una chiamata e una lacrima

L'amore che ho per ti non finira ma sarai sempre viva dentro me.

Ti Amo per sempre,

Cara bella sorella mia.

Ti Amo

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You're so close, please don't leave me.

Your touch is cold against my hot skin.

When you hold my hand to take me with you,

you offer me comfort and warmth that Earth never gave me.

You feel my pain, and take it as your own.

You wipe every tear without hesitation.

I thank you for comforting me, but something feels wrong..

You push the knife deeper into my flesh, not satisfied until the drop of blood turns into your steady stream to feed on.

Death, your my best friend, so believe me I need you to take me away.

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What is it?

Is it the pure white dress a woman wears on her wedding day?

Or is it the look of a new born baby when he sees his mother for the first time?

Innocence should be preserved under everything that we have.

But, it seems like everywhere I look there is none.

What happened to boys and girls being scared to even be next to each other because of coodies?

Now, I see 12 years old

loosing their virginities, 

doing drugs,

getting pregnant.

What chaos have we created?

Why must there be so much hatred around us?

Why must childhoods be ruined?

Whatever happened to being a kid?

Why can't we go back to the innocent kids we once were?

Once a upon a time.

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aren't we all wearing them?

When we're having a bad day, but we're still wearing a smile and a good attitude?

But, does it because an obessison or second nature?

What if you loose yourself trying to be someone you're not.

Where do you go from here?

Do you find yourself by putting another mask, hoping it will finally stick?

How can you love someone and expect them to love you back when you can't find who you are?

Do you continue doing something that you're used to, but not happy with?

Or do you try to find who you are and risk failure?

Where does hope end and reality kick in?

When will you remember that there is nothing here, but what is told to you?

No matter what you do, you're soon going to realize that

you're no longer a person but a body with a closet full of masks.

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Second choice

That's what I am. What I have always been.

When people see me, they don't see the girl who they can have fun with.

They see the girl who “if they have time they would ‘try' to make time for.”

Acquaintances and “friends” come and go.

That's nothing new.

I prepared myself for that.

But you


I can't close myself to you.

I stopped the world when you asked.

I never expected it to be the same, but once? Twice?

When I get asked “how's your life?”

I think of you

You are my life. My rock.

I need you, but you don't need me.

You keep everything balances for me.

But I only cause chaos wherever I go

You still make me believe I'm your #1.

Yet. Here I am. Waiting.

Waiting, because I'm your second choice.

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