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This is My E-portfolio. In this website and its many subcategories you will my achievements of my first semester in my English 101 class.  Under the Welcome tablet, you will find my reflection. The next page is “About me".  In that category you find a short description of me and a paragraph about what I like to do on my free time and my favorites.  Also you will find a link to 5 things I can't live without.  In the next page entitled “Blog" you will find my project that was meant to rediscover my comfort zone. There are six entries in total.  The next page is entitled “Pathos, Ethos Logos, and Essay. The next page is my Annotated Bibliography, Which contains 5 descriptions. The 1st was a non-fiction novel that the entire class read, entitled In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. The second, The Jeffrey Dahmer Article, The Third is the non-fiction novel that my podcast group and I based our podcast project on, The Darkest night by Ron Rachel.  The fourth and fifth are two articles that my podcast group and myself have used for information for our Podcast Assignment. The last Page is entitled: Podcast Project, It contains an abstract of our book, the darkest night, the script and the podcast itself.

      What I decided to do my blog project on was Music.  To be more specific it was to broaden my horizon on music instead of the specific genre of rap that I focused on.  I broke my blog project into sections of decades.  I ranged the music I used for this project from the 1940s-80s.  What I decided to do was to research the artist and most celebrated songs from those decades and listen to the music and see if I would enjoy the music.  Each week I would download a couple of albums from different artists and add it to my iPod playlist and instead of listening to my usual music I would listen to the new edition on my iPod. The good thing about this project was that I got to experience new music. Different genres and artists that I wasn’t used to.  The downs about this project were that I would have troubles downloading music in its original version.  Of course some music was torture for me.   You can read more about my blog under my blog project page.

       An annotated bibliography is a bibliography that gives a summary of each of the entries. The purpose of annotations is to provide the reader with a summary and an evaluation of the source. It is also listed in alphabetical order.  I learned how to cite an article, journals, websites and books by creating one.  I also learned how to give concise straight to the point summaries on the things I have read.  The summaries all give all the facts of the reads and get straight to the point on what they were about. APA style is a rather pain to do but after practicing on all 5 bibliographies I feel more confident when someone asks me to do something in APA Style.  The difficulty in doing an annotated bibliography is limiting yourself on how many words you can use.  It’s difficult to write a summary of something when you can only use a small amount of words.

       The Pathos, Ethos, Logos Essay is an assignment on Finding a scene in the non-fiction novel In Cold Blood and analyzing in order to see if the seen was either emotional, credible or logical and how it affected our paradigm. The challenge of this essay for me was explaining my paradigm because i didnt understand what it was. Also it was applying the pathos ethos logos into the scene and explaining why should anyone care if its there.

        The Podcast Project is a way to give information on a specific subject in the form of an audio. It's like a radio show.  This is how my group, Sharlene, Suanira and myself presented our book The Darkest Night by Ron Frachell.  This book was about two girls who were abducted, one was murdered and the other was brutally raped and thrown off a bridge to die, Ron Frachell recalls this crime from his childhood and decides to shine a light on the story so everyone can see the true horror that happened. The question mY group decided to investigate was "Is the problem solved even after justice is served?". The reason we came up with this question is because, even after the two men were sent to jail and put to death, The living sister, Becky, commited suicide because she felt the monsters of her past still haunted her.  The podcast was actually easier than i thought and my group members were actually easy to get along with.  We quickly came up with the script and recorded our voices. The only problem was that we had a problem finding a time in our schedules that were convenient for all of us.  Once that problem was tackled we got right down to business. One thing i learned from this was how to use garage band.  Im still no expert but i know how to do the basics.

    My Number one learning experience from this English 101 class was how to step out of my comfort zone.  I'm not always comfortable making friends but this class made me overcome that and now i can say i'm more social with my classmates.  The number one challenge would be this website, this e-portfolio.  I've had so many technical difficulties and i still have a few.  But i still managed to give in my work and try to work passed the problems this website gave me.  I enjoyed using this website though.  It helped me learn how to customize a website and set up my work like i would like it.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.