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African American women came a very long way with leaders thriving and paving a way for future success to come. These leaders have paved the way and passed that threshhold of success, but what about the voice of those who are currently on their way? My eportfolio is a hand-in-hand collaboration with my targetted audience, African American young adults. I am undergoing experiences with my peers and documenting them in a unique way that can relate to everyone. The purpose of this eportfolio is to show my viewers that we are all on this ride together: through college, through life, and through society. 


Pretty for a Black Girl  

This section introduces myself and what I hope you get from this eportfolio. It also consists of a gallery of images, my achievements, and some very important people in my life. 


Love it? Read More

This is a section that I hope you will all advance to after knowing a little bit about myself and this site. In this tab, you will really get a better grasp of my interests and my concerns. I will update this site with many articles and issues that need to be discussed. Hopefully, you also join the discussions and comment under a piece that concerns you!


My Thoughts/ My Process

These are my thoughts on the process of writing my pieces from "Love it? Read More". This tab will also give you a better handle on what I've experienced and my thoughts on the matters I've included.


What If I Was My Hair?

Here is the display of my award winning undergraduate research of African American hair and its impact on the pursuit of upward mobility. I thuroughly dissect the history of African American hair and its current battles.


Burning through the Cerebral Cortex

Burning through the Cerebral Cortex is a phrase from Oprah Winfrey's description of when she got a perm. I chose this as my title because the harshest part of a perm is when it is applied to your roots, which is exactly what my sources are: the root of my research. Check out the annotated bibliography on discrimination against natural hair.


Tell the Tale

This is my favorite because because I love hearing from my peers! If you love to speak out on issues that concern you or an event you've experienced that you found troubling, I would love to hear from you! I have high hopes to advance my "Tell the Tale" section so stay tuned!


Organizations, Experiences & Services

Work is currently in progress!




 Image Credit:http://quiltsandcreativity.com/color-mastery-table-of-contents


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.