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African American hair in the workplace-- a subject so simple but causes such a huge impact on the reflection of African Americans through the eyes of the employer; it even impacts African Americans' views of themselves. Grooming standards in the workplace and unfair expectations neglect to reflect and respect cultures, religions and natural origins. This study is on the ways that African American hair and women (even men) are expected to conform to "desirable" features like straight hair in order to be seen as a competitor in Corporate America alongside the ways these expectations are rendered legally acceptable.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
 Outline Of My Research

Lets Mix things Up a Bit (Literature Review)


Here is where you will find the review of everything I have researched, read, viewed and interpreted. The title "Lets Mix Things Up a Bit" was created because I have taken bits and peices of everything that I've researched and arranged it in a way where it could flow and be made clear. By doing this, I have made a shortcut for my readers, so instead of looking at my Burning Through the Cerebral Cortex tab, you can be on the same wavelength by reading this tab instead.


Are You Sure It's Not Discrimination? (Methodology)


On this tab you will see my thought process on how I planned to approach my research. There are a lot of cases that could support my study and this methodology tab will explain my filtering proccess. The questions I ask in each case are devised to rightfully answer the question of whether or not certain grooming policies are discriminating against African Americans. 


Data Analysis


This tab is the most creative out of them all. I have done all my research and the background of my six cases in order to present a hypothetical situation to put my research into perspective. Many question whether or not certain aspects of grooming policies are really considered discriminatory because the standard is set for all employers. Hopefully, taking a look at that same argument through the eyes of my hypothetical research will help them think otherwise. 




Here is where I will take my research home. I will briefly touch upon all my main points and analysis in order to convey the points that my research has presented so clearly to me.


Am I My Hair? (Research Proposal)


This tab shows my first step towards my research journey. This is the proposal I gave my professor with the hopes that it would be approved. My proposal shows what I'd hope to find upon my research and why it is of great interest to me. "Am I My Hair?" is a rhetorical question that I'd ask an employer because upon my research, it is evident that my hair is used to be reflective of my work ethic. 


Draft Gallery 


This tab will show you all my rough drafts and thinking processes on paper.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.