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This essay was originally called "My life is real" and I found it particularly easy to devise. I already know what kind of person I am, and for that, I knew what kind of writer I was. Our original prompt was:

Take an expression, mantra, proverb, etc from someone you know that has

impacted you.  Describe the when, where, how and why of a significant moment in which you heard these words. Describe the impact.  Describe how and why you want this to influence your identity/identities as a writer.  Tell us who you are as a writer.


The example I wrote about was not a mantra, or an expression, but it was the first thing I resorted to when asked how it has influenced my identity. To hear from a woman in such a powerful position that she too is emotional made me feel a lot better about my future. It is because of these female and male differences, that are supposedly cognitive, that place me as a woman in a position where I feel as if being emotional is a bad thing when in reality, it's a contruct to make me feel inferior to men.  To hear a view conflicting that of my father's, who has supported my journey to becoming a lawyer only if I separate my emotion from the equation, has been a breath of fresh air.


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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.