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Why I Studied Forensic Psychology


I was twelve years old when I announced to my parents I would work with incarcerated people. This aspiration was met with mixed reviews – no one in my family was in law enforcement, and my small-town upbringing (a tiny upper-middle class place in the middle of Connecticut) didn’t allow for conversations about vulnerable populations. I could circle the earth with sheets of paper representing all the times someone dared try to tell me that I could not accomplish everything I wanted to in Manhattan. I was resolute. I couldn’t explain it – advocacy work chose me the same way clergymen are drawn to serving a higher power. It’s what I had to do. John Jay was a heady aphrodisiac. I prepared myself by reading books like Face to Face With Serial Killers, and watched documentaries on how correctional facilities were called the "new asylums" by people deep in the field. During my last year of high school I'd taken on a few positions that put me in direct work with people who had been incarcerated, police officers, and young people struggling with their first interactions with the criminal justice system. There was no contest in where I’d go to school – I visited an open house and stared out at the expansive Jay Walk with a rush of adrenaline that surprised me. My body fizzed like champagne as I slung my "accepted students" John Jay-themed drawstring bag across my back. John Jay set my blood on fire. I belonged there.


Additional Forensic Psychology-ish Things I Couldn't Shake


In high school, I took classes on psychology, physical and cultural anthropology, human biology, and forensics. I was terrible at analyzing blood spatter. I was much better when it came to my lectures on psychopathology. I also loved learning about:


 My Favorite Psychology Courses


Psychology and the Law / The Psychology of Personality / Psychopathy / Psychopathology / Criminal Psychological Assessment / Clinical Interviewing

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.