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The teaching workshops in preparation for the work we would be doing in Tanzania actually started weeks before we even left the country.


The first time I met many members of the group was the first teaching workshop one Sunday at John Jay. At this workshop is where we first learned the game Twende! and Two-Lines!


Even before we left, Twende helped me in teaching/leadership role in New York.

When my job as a Peer Success Coach and Team Leader asked each of the leaders to bring an ice-breaker and be ready to lead it, the very first thing that came to mind was Twende and Two-Lines. The very first time I led this game was with a group of adults and it was a hit!


I knew I was ready for Tanzania!


Once we got to Tanzania, the focus became more important on putting together lesson plans. Now that we had the foundations of these two games, we were ready to start teaching!


The lesson plan for the first day of teaching and objectives for the week!


Playing Two-Lines at New Hope Family Orphanage.

We are lambs.



Lesson Plan for Day 2 at LIA

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.