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Once the time came for us to leave the country and head back home, we were all unbelievably sad.


Many of us had become so attached to our rode managers and Tanzania, really, that we didn't want it to end. But, we also knew, it was time to take these stories back home.


So with heavy hearts, we packed our clothes, our souvenirs and our memories.




But we didn't get much down time. Two days later, we were called to duty, bright and early!

Jet lag couldn't hold us back, so we got back to work!



Creating the Blue Cast Board Headshot Board


Drilling the leg onto the platform.


We pick things up.

 And put them down.




And then, it was show time!


 The paper I ultimately read at the showcase, underwent many,

many, many cuts.


But they were all for the best.


I am so grateful to have had a professor by my side that guided me through this process and truly walked me step by step through this new experience.


Thank you for being loving, caring and understanding!



To watch my live performance, click here.

I come in at around the 30th minute, with 35 minutes remaining.



 Blue Cast's Final Headshot Board!


That's a wrap!


So blessed to have been able to spend a month and

work alongside these talented individuals! 


I love you and miss you everyday!

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.