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Dear ENG 1000c/1030c writer,

We are using this year to gather information that will help us understand what gets students excited about writing.  We take your input and experiences very seriously so we have designed a survey for all ENG 1000c/1030c students to take later in November.


We understand that taking surveys is seldom an interesting task and that you probably get many, many invitations to participate in surveys as a college student.  We hope this survey will feel a bit differently.  We will explain our motives and give opportunities to see the results of the study.  We have tried to keep this survey as short and simple as possible.


If you want to do more than participate in a survey, you can, and we would be delighted if you did!  You will be able to send an email so you can request the results of the survey next spring and you can even tell us whether or not these results feel right to you. We would also, of course, like to talk to you face-to-face as well.  Next semester, we will host focus groups that last for 2 hours where you will meet other students from 1000c/1030c across the university who will talk about their experiences (we will provide lunch.)  All you need to do is provide your contact information later and you will hear from us, beginning in February, with many possible dates and times to join a focus group.    


There are no risks involved with your participation in any part of this study.  For the survey, you will only need to include your CRN number so your instructors will not know whether or not you have completed this survey.  If you decide to send an email address to get results of this survey, that email cannot be connected to whatever you write.  


If you decide to participate in the focus groups, the information that you provide in your survey will not be connected to you.  The survey results will be collected and presented to ENG 1000c/1030c faculty by the director of the program, Carmen Kynard, who will disaggregate all names from survey results.  Dr. Kynard cannot view, input, or alter any of your grades so there will be no penalty to you in terms of this survey and your completion of ENG 1000c/1030c.  If you decide at a later date that you do not want to or cannot participate in focus groups, you can always decide to forego your involvement.  Focus groups will happen after you have already completed 1000c/1030c so again, there is no academic pressure on you.


We hope that all of these safeguards help you to feel comfortable and assure you that we are genuinely listening and value your input!  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Carmen Kynard.  We hope you will consider sharing your experiences and perspectives on this fall!


With best regards,

The FYW Faculty 

Fall 2012

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.