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Volume I, Number 1 (Fall 2013)


Wilce Gonzalez was the first student to submit a digital essay to this journal.  The title of his piece is "Ironside," now the title for the fall 2013 collection of work showcased here. Welcome to the beginnings of a tradition!


Our first issue is small and exploratory, but it is strong, just as Wilce Gonzalez's title suggests: IRONSIDE.  In this first issue, you will see three essays about the issues and contexts that that have inspired first year writers to get their ideas down on paper and into cyberspace.  Complementing those stories about inspiration is a website about the politics of multilingualism within language imperialism related to English dominance.  In this very first issue of the journal, we see language both liberating and inhibiting first year students... and the IRONSIDE they acquire in order to achieve their goals and dreams.




"Ironside" by Wilce Gonzalez tells the story of a young man who takes inspiration from the struggles and triumphs of his own life and carves a writing identity from it. 


"Writing is a Sweet Dream and a Beautiful Nightmare" by Elijah Font takes its title from Beyonce's song. Font personifies the writing process as his love and lover, a sweet dream and a nightmare at the same time.


"Writing from the Inside and Letting My Emotions" by Rosibel Ventura tells the brave story of a young woman who learns to bypass society's expectations of beauty and confront her eating disorder and psychological trauma.


"ABC: Language Domination" by Adriana Andrian, Bella Buvasheva, and Charityn Batista is a website where three college students who are both immigrant and bilingual want to make a difference in society by showing how much the English language dominates the world.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.