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When you really go out and party, they say that you paint the town RED.  When have you ever heard of someone painting the town beige?  It can't be a coincidence... so I have gone all out and painted this whole site RED


I chose a saturated burgundy simply because I like it and have always gravitated towards all colors that have red in them: purple (red and blue), orange (red and yellow), and a host of browns (like burnt sienna).  And truth be told, I also chose red to be stank.  At the previous college where I taught, the school colors were red and white.  This color branding was endless and intrusive given that it was expected for you to replicate these logo colors everywhere.  So I made this site red... as in: now replicate THIS, fools!


Though it may not seem like it to the untrained eye, the shades of gray that I use on this website also have a deep red root.  I went opposite the color wheel to locate a contrasting, third color for my color scheme and settled for a shade of yellow for some pop.  Like I tell students, colors have to repeat so the header picks up all of these colors and a bit of pattern.


Despite all this tech stuff that I do, I have not given up the materiality of paper, pens, paint, and marker yet.  I like the feel of textile designs, the experience of spray-painting on brick walls, the weight of colored pencils and oil paints in my hands, and the look and weight of 3D materials.  I am not relinquishing any of that for digital cultures.  In fact, I still respond to my students with handwritten notes and letters in purple ink.  Materiality still matters.


The header, “write,” at the top of this page, is part of this materiality that I am talking about.  It is lettering that I designed, cut, and layered from various kinds of paper.  It lies on top of multiple textiles with a few rhinestones added to it…you know, just for a little ice. I like the contrast: a hand-made object digitized for a digital space.  I chose the verb— WRITE— rather than writing which could be a noun.  To write is to DO something.


Click here for the youtube channel associated with my courses.   That’s right, my classes have a soundtrack; if a movie can have a soundtrack, why can’t a course?


None of the colors or sounds on this website got here accidentally.  It was the design story that compelled me to learn CSS. I am learning more and more each day, each week, each semester. I hope this ePortfolio reflects that. 



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.