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This study investigates the following question:

"What do sports and clubs mean to students?"


My demographic consists of young men and women who are between 18 to 21 years old. By choosing both men and women, I am able to give different viewpoints from the different genders. It will also give an understanding and importance of whether sports and clubs are beneficial.  I will be able to see their viewpoint. Although my interview will be semi-structured, I will still be getting lots of evidence from the interviews. 


The interviews occur through the end of November and the beginning of December, because this is when most students are free from school and possibly work. I have decided to interview a total of three men and women. By only interviewing three young adults, I am able to focus on what they say much more closely than if I had 10 young adults to interview.


To ensure the comfort of my interviewees, I allow them to choose between text messaging, phone call, email, on-line messaging, or one-on-one. These options allow them to be comfortable and allow them to open up much more. By allowing them to choose, I will also be able to go back to what they told me based on their options. The phone call can be recorded using a recorder with the phone call on speaker with the participant's consent.


My interview questions:

What are your thoughts on sports, clubs, and academics?


How did you hear about any of the clubs or sports that you like?


How has clubs or sports effected your academic life?


What are your thoughts on others joining sports or clubs?


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.