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After finding and gathering all of the information on this topic, I will forever be amazed by the amount of information I was able to get. This topic is one that people should be aware of, because it can help students who are shy, have very little to no motivation to be in school, and to just have fun.


I know from a personal stance that it was fun and I was able to make friends, just like one of my interviewees stated would happen. Besides making new friends, I was able to learn new skills and apply the skills in the classroom and in other settings. I also maintained my grades which was a boost to self-esteem to know that I can handle all of the responsibility from being in sports and clubs while still doing homework and schoolwork.


With students being in these activities, they can be able to help other students in overcoming any shyness by inviting them to join. By working as a team, they especially learn about doing a group project.


Many students probably believe that sports and clubs are a waste of time, because of all of the work they have to do. However, by being an active member or team member, they can actually learn how to better manage their time, whether homework or other tasks.


The information I gathered online mostly supports that these extracurricular activities do benefit students; the information I got from my interviewees also supports this. Although it does cost money to fund all of these, this research should prove that they serve a great purpose and should not be cancelled.


I know that I would rather be in sports or clubs to escape from the workload given at school rather than to be home studying all night long. My interviewees all say that they participated and enjoyed their time in a club, sport, or both. I am sure other students would rather be doing something that they can enjoy while still being able to do their work. Overall, sports or clubs should be something all students need to participate in.

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