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 I wonder if many people know what rhetoric really is, in their own words. Defining this might be hard for them and if they do come up a definition it might be hard for others to understand. Rhetoric is being able to persuade in any situation. For example, during a panic attack people need to be reassured that they would be ok. If you to handle something similar to that in a website, then you understand what rhetoric really means.


There are four central principles for rhetoric. The principles are persuasive appeals, identification, strategic repetition and kairos. For the persuasive appeal you have to be able to prove your credibility. You can this by experience, reputation, longevity, and similarities. For a website, you can earn your credibility by posting true information or sharing your experiences on certain topics. One example could be to share life event that many can relate to. Over time your credibility will increase and so will your persuasive appeal.


Being able to identify yourself is not hard at all. All you have to do is be able to form your arguments well. Pretty much your argument or what you are trying to get across needs to be done and said right. You want to be clear and have evidence to support all that you say. Being an expert on a certain topic can help you form and argue your argument very well since you will be sharing truthful information. One important part of identification is being able to be understood by others. If you are giving a speech you might want to enunciate and articulate well. If it is a writing, it needs to make sense and be correct in grammar and spelling. No one wants to hear a speech that they do not understand and that does for writing too.

Amplifying is a process everyone can do on their website. You want to enhance your writing with things that does not contradict with what you are trying to sell and by adding emotion to it. Your emotions in a website comes through your word choice, pictures, and the imagery that you portray. By doing all of this you would be pretty much completing a strategic repetition.


Kairos, the right moment, the way you post thing or what you do could determine how your digital rhetoric is. By putting advertisement that help and go along with your website is adding the right persuasion at the right time. Putting instruction helps user to be able to understand what is going, if site seems confusing. Adding post at the right moment
is important because you do not want any comments or post about events or situations without having all the right answers or right feel for it. Imagine something horrific occurring and you decide to post about puppies, while your usual post are events that occur day-to-day. This could potentially mess up your website credibility and you might even lose some users.

Most of the time people do not even notice that commercials, websites and advertisements are using rhetoric. If you really think about it, you will see each characteristics being use. Take for example a commercial for McDonald's fast-food restaurant  during the winter Olympics seasons, you will see participants in the Olympics in their commercials. The use of this is to gain the viewer’s credibility, persuade them, and use a current event into buying their food. . The use of famous people is huge on persuasion because there are many people who want to do what their favorite person does or be exactly like them. Rhetoric is used every day by everyone, even if it is trying to convince someone to join you or your parents.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.