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Have you ever met someone that you knew right away would become your best friend and so much more? I know that it
may sound stupid, but when I first met Terrence Cottrell, I just knew that he would become my best friend and so much more. We did not meet under normal circumstance but I know I will never forget the process.


It was my senior year of high school and I had broken up with my ex-boyfriend earlier in the school year. I was single and had no prom date. I decided to let my mom handle my prom date and dress. I had to let her help me because I was not getting anywhere and prom was getting closer and closer. Apparently it only took her a few days to find me a date. All I was told was that he was tall, wears glasses and 20 years old. I was just happy to have a date.


One night, my mother came home with a young girl. She happened to be my prom date’s younger sister, only she did not look her age. She was just finishing junior high and she was taller than my mom who is 5’ 3”. We clicked instantly and we started to play 20 questions, so that she can know more about me and I can know more about her brother. After she left she told me that she would tell her brother to text me, only we have not met yet. A few days later; me, my mom, him and his father; we all go to Applebee’s to meet one another. It was very awkward since our parents were sitting right next to us. After the meal we all go our separate ways and he gives me a handshake. After the awkward dinner, I texted his sister to find out why he had not texted me. After finding out that he was at work, I decided to ask for his number. I texted him saying: “Hi Terrence, it’s Margie”. He took a whole day to respond!


After the first day of texting we started getting to know one another just through text messaging. At point I even went to Staten Island just to hang out with his sister and to hopefully see him. The only problem was, he was not home. I ended up leaving when he was on his way home. We continued texting for about a month before we decided to go on an adult-free first date. We went to a diner and saw the movie “The Purge”. The first thing I noticed besides how tall he was compared to me was his freckles, his adorable freckles. Mind you, he is 6’2” and I am 4’10.5”. We talked and walked around as we waited for our parents to pick us up. Luckily our parents rode together since they are friends. My dog also happened to be in the car. His help was vital in helping us break our nervousness of holding hands.


After our first date we continued to talk and visit each other. Then on June 17th, 2013, we made it official, that we were a couple. I know such a short time of knowing each other, but the connection was so strong. We became best friends right away. As the day to prom approached, I had brought two dresses and end up with a coral colored dress. Prom night came and we dance all night including after prom. After our dancing, he decided to take the first move in kissing me. I was so happy the whole night and even through my work day the morning after prom.


Graduation was two days after prom and I was ready to get my graduate and be done with high school. After the graduation ceremony, Terrence and his family came over to celebrate my graduation and his sister’s graduation from junior high at a restuarant. As of today, me and Terrence are each other’s best friend and are still going strong. We will make it a year this year in June. He is helping me stay on task while I am helping him get into college. I hope that he can get into John Jay with me.

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