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(2010, November 18). Benefits of Extracurricular Activies. Retrieved Novemeber 12, 2013, from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYx5ayXWQ1A



In this video, we are given statistics and photos of the benefits of sports. Most of those benefits are obvious and supports the fact that sports and clubs are beneficial to students. Students are able to make friends, do much better in school, and enjoy themselves by doing something they enjoy. Social skills will, in fact, improve because a teammate or member in any type of club or sport has to contribute. Clubs and sports can get students and teenagers excited to tell others and cause them to be more social.



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Clubs are very helpful to many students. This one particular club brought interest to students who did not really care much for science while for others it helped them find the answers they needed. This club gives students inspiration to become scientists when they grow older. They receive help on projects that they may feel intimated by. Support is given to them in science, a subject most do not like.


Clubs are important in students' lives; it gives them motivation to want to learn more and to have the ability to shine in something that they are good at. It also keeps these kids off the streets and away from gangs.



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You can bring education to those who do not want to learn when they get involved with sports. It is all about how the students take what they learn and apply it to themselves. It gives them pride to know how hard they work and the result they get. It brings all types of kids and teenagers together from different places and races. It may give them an opportunity to explore different places that they have never been if they travel. They can be given a chance to fulfill their goal and become like the person they look up to. Clubs and sports give kids and teenagers something to look forward to and it changes their lives. They are able to relax and enjoy themselves when they are involved in clubs and sports.



Mesquite ISD. (May 11,2010). Extracurricular Activities. Retrieved November 17,2013, from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mB8SGlsZb1Q#t=28



Clubs are important because it gives students something to be a part of. They are able to spend time with others they have never met and with their friends. It becomes important in their life and gives them lots of opportunities in college and possibly in life. They get good energy and happiness from the hard work they do. It even helps the parents be more involved in their child's life. Pride is brought to the students involved, the school they attend and their parents. It also motivated others to want to join. Kids and teenagers feel privileged to be in clubs and sports which is what makes them want to share with others so that they may feel the same way.





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