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After graduating high school, I attended John Jay College because, like many of my peers, I thought I wanted to be either a police officer or lawyer. To help me determine which career path I wanted to take, I enrolled at the college majoring in criminology. However, after attending the National Association of Chicana/o Studies (NAACS) conference during my sophomore year, I realized that my interests had shifted. I had taken a few courses in Latin American and Latina/o (LLS) studies that had peaked my interest in the subject. I did not realize that there were so many Latina/o scholars, and after hearing about their research, I knew that I wanted to do similar work.


Prior to enrolling in college, I had always done well in school. However, as I progressed in my academic career, I encountered individuals who were surprised to see “a smart Latina.” I found that the Latina/o community is judged as one that does not, and cannot, excel in education, much less higher levels of education. Recently, Emily Austen, a fox sports anchor, was fired for making such derogatory comments in response to news of Mayte Lara Ibarra, who tweeted about being valedictorian of her high school while revealing her undocumented status.  



Austen echoed sentiments that existed during the 1960s, which resulted in the Chicano movement. During the Chicano movement, Mexican-Americans protested the failure of U.S. society to carry out promises of integration and equality. Students wanted a better education and inclusion of Mexican-American studies into school curriculum. The video below details the struggles the students faced.



Similar to these students, I also want to fight for Latina/o education and inspire others to pursue higher education. Even though I know that my interest is no longer criminology, I did not want to drop my criminology major. Instead, I also enrolled in the Latina/o and Latin American studies major because I want to be an advocate for higher education, especially among Latina/os. After graduating from John Jay in spring 2017, I hope to enroll in a PhD program in sociology with a focus on Latin American studies. 


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