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Goals and Action Plan


My Goals as a Peer Success Coach:


 As a Peer Success Coach, I want to be able to connect with a majority of my students. I want them to confide in me and think of me as a safe haven for their thoughts and feelings. I want them to see me as a reliable peer who always finds time for them. To those who will place their trust in me, I want to make sure I have a positive impact on them. I want to nurture their minds and hearts, showing them that it's okay to express individuality, uniqueness; it's heartening to see someone stand confidently; and it's inspiring to walk along someone who accomplishes so much. I want to be an inspiration. Being someone who is reliable and knowledge, while also being able to elicit laughs, smiles, and conversation from my students, is my goal. I want my students to feed off of my enthusiastic and uplifting energy. And ultimately, I want my students to become connected with the campus - through clubs, sports, honor societies, on-campus jobs. Having multiple students approach me by the end of the semester and ask about opportunities to become a SASP Peer Success Coach will mean I did more than what is listed in my job description. Having that experience would mean I inspired someone. It would mean I reached my goal. Ultimately, I want at least half of my mentees to join a club or apply to an on-campus job, such as SASP or Peer Counseling, by the end of the Fall 2016 semester.



Action Plan for Peer Success Goals:


In order to be the best Peer Success Coach I can be, I have to remember a few key things. Speaking in front of people often makes me tense and anxious; however, standing before my students relaxed and confident will aid me in eliciting the responses I want from them. Though I consider myself a good listener, sometimes I catch myself interrupting those speaking. Listening attentively and patiently is crucial in establishing trust between myself and a mentee. If they don't feel like I'm listening, they will not reach out to me for help next time they need it. Lastly, I have to remind myself I may not always know the answer to certain things; I may find myself struggling to give a poignant response to a student who really needs one; I may find myself questioning the student's question - not really knowing what to say. In that case, I have to remember that it's okay to ask for help - something I want my students to learn as well.

I need to reach my personal goals. If my students see that I can set an action plan for myself, then they surely can for themselves. If my students see me accomplish something that they want to achieve too, then what's stopping them from trying?

I will accompany my students to the CSIL Involvement Fair, taking place on Tues, September 13th from 1:40pm–2:55pm. During this event, students will have the opportunity to learn more about and potentially join some of the many student organizations at John Jay.

Throughout this semester, will I push my students to reach their full potential? Yes, of course I will. If I don't, can I really say I was their Peer Success Coach?

Inspirational and motivational. That's what I want to be.




Goals as a Student:


As a student, I want to maintain a 4.0 GPA throughout the Fall 2016 semester, thus bringing my cumulative GPA up to a 3.9. By the beginning of the Spring 2017 semester, I would like to apply for the BA/MA Program with the focus of forensic psychology, and, with a strong application, be accepted into the competitve program by the Fall 2018 semester. By the Spring 2017 semester, I would like to apply for and be accepted into the Psi Chi National Honor Society at John Jay. By March 2017 , I would also like to apply to the Vera Fellows Program at John Jay. Being accepted would allow me to really dive into my socal justice and service interests. Lastly, I want to study abroad during either the Winter 2017 semester or the Summer 2017 semester (still indecisive as to which one; if summer, it would only be for about 4-6 weeks).



Action Plan for Student Goals:


In order to maintain a 4.0 GPA throughout the Fall 2016 semester, I must manage my time wisely when completing assignments and when studying for exams. I was thinking of dedicating at least 5 hours over the weekends to reviewing course materials. Visiting the Writing Center will also benefit me in trying to maintain this high GPA. In order to build a strong application for the BA/MA Forensic Psychology Program I must speak with department advisors, as well as reach out to various professors for letters of recommendation. I was recently accepted into a very prestigous research lab on campus; this will not only provide me with extraordinary research experience, but it will also allow the professor facilitating the research to become acquanited with me on a much deeper level. I will be showcasing my undeniable dedication and growing interest in the issues being studied. In order to apply for and be accepted into the Psi Chi National Honor Society at John Jay, I will need to maintain an A average in any psychology course I take. I only need one more aced psychology course until I can officially apply. In order to fully prepare myself for an opportunity with the Vera Fellows Program at John Jay, I will need to speak with representatives at the Office of Fellowship and Scholarship Opportunities. In order to solidify my plan to study abroad, speaking with a representative from the Study Abroad Programs Office would definitiely put me in a better position to make that dream happen. Lastly, since I am planning to apply to all of these incredible opportunities, I would like guidance on the next steps if, or if not, accepted. By this I'm referring to potential internships for Junior Year or simply feedback pertaining to if I'm on the right track for where I want to go. For this advice, I'll need to visit the Center for Career and Professional Development.




Five Campus Resources:


1. Writing Center

2. Center for Career and Professional Development

3. Office of Fellowship and Scholarship Opportunities

4. Department of Psychology / Department for Graduate Studies - Advisors for the Major, BA/MA representatives

5. Wellness Center/Women's Center


(Office of Study Abroad Programs Changed to Wellness Center/Women's Center [Based on Priority - Explained further in 'Campus Resource Review 5'])




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.