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ePortfolios allow us to use many web 2.0 tools as part of our 21st century writing skills.   We embed these works right on our ePortfolios.  For some of these tools, we will use them together; you will also make choices on your own.  Please just keep in mind that your ePortfolio is NOT a digital filing cabinet for the papers that you write.  This is a multimedia platform so your writing needs to also be multimedia. This does not mean that you will not write papers in this class, only that you will need to do MUCH more than that...for this class and for the world in which you now live and make meaning.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Our Bank of FREE Web 2.0 Tools to Embed on Our ePortfolios

For many of these platforms, you will need to create an account for yourself that will store your creations.  

You will use the embed code that the site generates and embed your digital creation to your ePort.

Banner Maker

There are many bannermakers available on line.  This one is a favorite.



Cincopa lets you add videos and slideshow to your website by giving you an embed code to add to a webpage (as of right now, you cannot embed this directly).



Infogram allows to create interactive, informative charts and posters.


For a great infographic example that has been widely embedded across multiple websites, click here.


Picasa allows you to edit your photos and/or also create interesting collages (Download to your computer).



Powtoon allows to create animated videos (as of right now, you cannot embed this directly).



Prezi allows you create zooming presentations that make your presentation more engaging and memorable.



Ribbet allows you to edit your photos online and/or also create interesting collages.



For another visual site such as this one, go to POSTERMYWALL.COM.


Slideshare creates an interactive display of your powerpoint so that it can work like an interactive setof movin images.



Timetoast allows you to create visually-rich timelines on any subject that you like. Make sure that you choose the FREE acount (as of right now, you cannot embed this directly).


Tried & True

This webpage explains public domain, Creative Commons, etc and also gives you websites that offer free images.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.