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Volume II, Number I


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"I want my style to be subtle and metaphoric, a mesh from the simplest preciousness of human body and infinite universe of mind."  ~Daria Khoroshavina


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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
 Photo by Derek Goodwin (click image above)

Our Fall 2014 Contents 


Whether it be a personal issue or a larger social issue, everyone has reached a point in their lives where obstacles are constantly being thrown their way. It's how individuals take those obstacles and let them influence what they stand for. In this issue of Digital Spectrum, we present four short reads that illuminate this concept of strength and resilience. From psychological disorders to media sites, every one of the designers and writers in this issue finds a way to show that they're just like everyone else in the pursuit to happiness. The first issue of our second year as a journal is motivating, inspiring, and most of all... worth reading! 


Each text has been given a significant word that describes the overall message. When put together, these words create the collective word SOMA, which in the Greek language, means body. It is absolutely phenomenal what the human body is capable of. When put together, we are unstoppable. Each word illustrates exactly what the writers and creators of this issue are: bodies that come together to better the world socially, politically, emotionally, and economically.


Strength: Gabriela Rico shares three personal experiences that have had a huge impact on her life alongside analyses of how these experiences have made her into the person she is today. Learn more about her inspiring stories in Who Am I?  In this piece, we see first year writers experimenting with a new trend in publishing: the creation of a movie trailer to go with the author's story. 


Originality: We all have stopped for a second to take a selfie, but have we realized what a selfie can say about us? Check out Stacy Aguilar's NYC Selfie Culture and get insight about celebrity instagrammers and how they have impacted our understanding of Selfie Culture.  Notice how this first year student is engaging the national conversation and current research projects about selfies with her work! 


Motivation: Times have changed tremendously over the last few decades. We have witnessed major social movements that have successfully brought about change. Today, however, the only thing unifying youth might be social media. Hear more about this in Erin Collin's highly charged video: Generation Disconnect.   In this piece, Erin is joining the legions of college students across the country who use digital storytelling to make their positions.


Ambition: Last but not least, Uber Bautista has put his time and effort into conducting an original qualitative research study on the struggle of Latino immigrants coming to the United States. Whether legally or illegally, immigrants put their lives at risk in the hopes of having a brighter future. Check out his project, Open Your Eyes, and learn more about his results.  It is our first, extensive research study that we have presented in our journal, requiring the creation of multiple webpages to represent a single study. 


Thank you for joining us in our efforts to continually represent a Digital Spectrum!

My Best,

Christina Tsetsakos  

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