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Please Submit!

The work that you submit to us must have been completed in courses that are designated as first-year college courses (college composition, first year seminars, etc).  If you are submitting a collaborative work (with a professor or other writers not in the first year of college), the first year student's name must come first.


We publish January 15 and June 15 of each year and accept submissions on a rolling basis for these deadlines.  We are a peer-reviewed journal which means that multiple readers from the editorial and/or peer review staff look at and work with a submission. 


To submit an essay (we publish short essays 700-1000 words or longer research essays), you must also include all of the following:

  1. a song, preferably performed live (you can send a youtube link or an mp3 file) that can serve as the soundtrack to your story (we need the artist name and title track)
  2. at least three images that correspond with a short essay (if these are not original images, please send the weblink where you found your images) and as many as needed for longer research essays
  3. a youtube video that is incorporated into your writing (please send URL) with your own caption for the video (for longer essays, please use at least two videos)
  4. at least three weblinks that pertain to the issues you are discussing 
  5. your bio and photo (see the Format for About Me page on the left tabs).

To submit a video/prezi/etc, please send a youtube link or a video file (avi, flv, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpg, swf, wmv) and all of the following:

  1. a discussion of your digital/multimedia tools
  2. a reflection of the work that you did
  3. your bio and photo.

To submit a website/ePortfolio that you have created, please send all of the following:

  1. the homepage's/main URL along
  2. URL of your favorite page(s) on your site that will be visually showcased
  3. an overview of what your website is about and for
  4. your bio and photo.

If you have these materials already loaded onto a website, ePortfolio, etc, please just send us your URL and we derive the work from there and also link to your site.


Please send all materials to: digitalspectrumjournal@gmail.comIf the file is too big, a dropbox folder will be created for our exchange.  


If you are a student at JOHN JAY COLLEGE, please tell us the name of your professor and the year in which you took the course.


If you are NOT a student at JOHN JAY COLLEGE, please tell us the name of your first year course and make sure you send us your email from an EDU email address.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.