DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Volume I, Number 2 (Spring 2014)


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

DIGITAL SPECTRUM began as a classroom project in a first-year writing class in fall of 2013 and has now grown to a full-fledged digital journal with a wonderful editorial staff:

Luc Pitre, Christina Tsetsakos, Stephanie Velasquez, Denice Vidals, and Nicole Vitrit.  Each of us as editors has our own style of writing and digital design that you will now experience here.  In fall, students were just experimenting and getting their feet wet.  Now, in spring 2014, we are taking off.  This is why we are calling the Spring 2014 issue of DIGITAL SPECTRUM our LIFT-OFF!

In this LIFT-OFF issue of DIGITAL SPECTRUM, we see first year writers who are telling us about the issues of family, justice, and belonging that impact their lives and worldviews.  These writers use a variety of means to share with, inform, and persuade us: prezi, digital storytelling, multimedia essays, ePortfolios, and websites.  These writers are essential to the ways in which we LIFT-OFF this issue and essential to the ways that we understand, do, and LIFT OFF multimedia writing today.


Our Spring 2014 Contents

In Prosperity through Past Discrimination: Affirmative Action, Jonathan Tetecatl uses his own experiences and political perspectives to offer a history of affirmative action alongside his own valuing of its legislation and ideological purposes.


In Sneaker Violence: A Prezi Essay, Zachary Gopaul offers us his experiences as a "sneakerhead" to look closely  at the violence and uber-consumption of sneakers today.


In #SOSVENEZUELA: A Prezi Essay, Yodalin Peralta creatively takes us on a multimedia journey into the political protests of contemporary Venezuala and the critical role that social media has played in educating communities across the world about Venezuela.


In Bullying Awareness: A Website, Jossieluz Advincula, Sadia Chong, and Justine Martinez use the space of a website to share their own experiences with bullying and their solutions to an international issue.


In I Came Out the Womb This Way: A Website, Amilcar Garcia, Brittney Phillips, and JohnKarlo Velazquez feature wonderful avatars and cartoons of their own image to dismantle negative stereotypes and images related to race, gender, and sexuality.


In Mikayla Lee: A Digital Story about Love and Responsibility, Jaylise Cosme offers us a story about the birth of her niece. She shows us the responsibility that family and love bring, while also showing us the ways that digital tools can help us tell such stories better.


In The Founding Editors at Work, you will see the ePortfolio designs of the founding editors, namely the vision and creativity that are fueling this journal!


Spring 2014 is also the inauguration of the DIGITAL SPECTRUM E-PORTFOLIO OF THE YEAR AWARD where we award the ePortfolio that we think did the most outstanding work(content and design) for the year.  Congratulations to Natallia Yurchyk who received the 2014 award! 


We close this LIFT-OFF issue of DIGITAL SPECTRUM recognizing and offering our own congratulations to a few students' ePortfolios: a) Andrene Wright, who received a 2014 award from John Jay College's Africana Studies Department for her ePortfolio, "Pretty for a Black Girl,"; b) the recipients of the 2014 John Jay Featured!  AwardMarsha-Ann Boyea, Arnelle Calixte, Margaret Farmer, Omar Fernandez, Erica Fitzpatrick, Charmine Todd. 


Welcome to our Spring 2014 LIFT-OFF!


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.