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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
About Uber Bautista

My name is Uber Bautista and I am 18 years old. People always ask me where my name came from. To be honest I don't know. What I do know is that the definition of Uber is basically super. I am currently in my first semester at John Jay college of Criminal Justice majoring in Criminal Justice. I give 110% to anything I do and I apply that to my school work.  


I carry my camera almost everywhere I go. You never know when something exciting may happen and you will need to capture the moment. I like to take pictures of anything-- places, people, outfits, you name it. If I don't have my camera on me, I always have my phone as my backup. I'm at Time Square, the heart and soul of New York City, on a daily basis. I am actually from Queens, NY but my school is located Manhattan which gives me the opportunity to have some city adventures. Besides my photography, I like to express myself through the clothes I wear. I wear anything from street wear clothing to casual attire to a suite and tie. I do not tie myself down because I learn more from trying new things.  


I have the privilege of having parents who come from a third world country. I care a lot about my family. Where I’m from and where my parents come from is big part of who I am. I am not just a city boy; I am a city boy with Latino heritage and I am proud of that.  I will not take anything I have for granted.


of the


The purpose of this study is to describe the experiences of Latin@ immigrants arriving to this country in search of a better life. Although life in the United States may be better, in some ways, than their lives back home, Latin@ immigrants face a lot of struggle in this country. 


Many people often come to the United States from their native country in order to provide a better life for their family. Some do it legally; others do it illegally which is a more difficult journey. If they are lucky to arrive in this country, they soon face issues due to their legal status.


How do Hispanic/Latino immigrants describe their experiences living in this country?  This is the question that animates my study. I will be interviewing 25-40 year old men and woman who have been living in this country for at least five years now. They will mostly be immigrants from the country of Guatemala. I will conduct separate interviews and will keep all identities anonymous. The interview questions will include but are not limited to: 

    • How old were you when you immigrated to this country?
    • What were your reasons to immigrate to this country?
    • What was your experience like the first moments living here?
    • How would you compare living in the U.S when you first arrived to now?

I come from a family of immigrants that came from Guatemala almost 20 years ago. I have been affected by deportation and have seen the struggles my parents have faced in this country. I have family members who were able to obtain legal documentation and others who are here illegally. I have first-hand experience on this subject so I feel that I can be a trusted source with this research.  My goal is to describe the lives of these immigrants, what they have faced or are currently facing in this country. I will not only show their struggles but also how they perceive the benefits of living in this country.


Here are the components of this research (please click the links below):

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