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    Coexistance: Lesbianism & Heterosexuality
By Dominique Mendez-Rose

The article "Compulsory heterosexuality and lesbian existence,30 years later" by  AJ Convoy, sparked my interest with the title. That was the main reason why I chose this article. I tend to pick articles that will give me a better sense of the battle between heterosexuality and lesbianism. However the more that I read the more I was able to grasp a better understanding of what feminism is. Before entering this class I didn't know enough about feminism. I didn't even know that there was an intersectionality to it all.


I learned more about what feminism is and how women stray from categorize themselves into this section. I learned that this reasoning is due to what feminism is viewed as. There are many different understanding and views of what it means to be a feminist. Some people see feminism as women that hate  all me. The term political lesbianism was a termed that was also used to describe feminists. Learning this new term is something that intrigued me in many ways because as a lesbian I am shocked of the comparison. Being a lesbian doesn't mean that we hate men so much that we would prefer to be with women instead. With that being said the term political lesbian doesn't sit well with my spirit. Being a feminist, in my opinion, is more about changing mankind into human-kind. It's not about being a woman in a man's  world it's about changing the world to make it fit  for all of us. It's to rid the male identification and to acknowledge the hard work and the diligence that comes with being an oppressed woman.


However like it has been said each woman has her own path and feminism can be blind to it. The struggles of a white woman are different from a Latina or an Asian woman or a woman of color. First wave of feminism doesn't outline the struggles of women that look like me. This is the reason why many can't relate to those who live in a world of white privilege. Just like the statement of Renee Martin, "I'm not a feminist because my life experiences led me to believe that feminism was not created for women like me".  


What surprised me the most was the history of women being divided. Today I notice more and more how women are turned against each other and are so critical of other women. Instead of praising and uplifting one another, we view each other through the lens of a man. We objectify each other and the only way we feel good about each other is by how many likes on social media we can get. This is what defines some women now. I thought that this came about due to what the media fuels our brains with images of false reality. However I wasn't aware that this pattern has been going on for years even decades. Learning that we have been standing separated for so long is shocking. We have been divided due to race, class, religion and sexual identity. That is what we have to show for our history. The divide will continue until ultimately we realize that like what Convoy (2010) says,  that self knowledge and self love will reunite us once more.



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