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"Art is a Movement, Not a Luxury":

A Digital Justice Website


Brenda Almaraz, Noely Gonzalez, and Tatyana Guerra


Remember all those trips to the art museum as a child? Pointing, noticing, and listening to the multiple interpretations of the artwork? One seeing a dog, another a cat, but you seeing a horse? Everyone perceives art differently, whether it is visual arts, spoken art, or music. Artist Banksy, photographer Scott Langley, and musicians Las Cafeteras utilize art as an instrument to advocate for social justice.

Art is more than just a luxury; it is a powerful tool by which social change can be achieved. Tatyana Guerra explores the modern and creative artistic styles in Bansky's artwork. In doing so, she analyzes and interprets artwork to fully understand the message that Banksy is trying to convey. Through observing his work, it becomes evident that art is not just to look at; art is a complex idea that takes more than a glance to fully comprehend.

Music is more than just a luxury; if used properly, you might just find a perfect combination of rhythms and social justice. Brenda Almaraz highlights the importance of social justice through the Afro-Mexican and Afro-Caribbean style of musicians, Las Cafeteras. Listening to Las Cafeteras, she is able share with others the power and potential music has to unite, motive, and promote justice in societies. 

Photo journalism is more than just a luxury; it is a snap of realism and social justice. Noely Gonzalez showcases the work of Scott Langley to help us better his message and views on justice. Through the captured moments, she is able to view and breakdown the themes and ideas of the man behind the camera.


As you navigate through each of pages we hope that the art you see not only looks and sounds amazing, but that you are able to see the uniqueness and creative styles that these artists use to discuss social justice.



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Meet the Website Designers

Tatyana Guerra is a undergraduate freshman who attends John Jay College of Criminal Justice. As a Latin@ of Puerto Rican and Ecuadorian heritage, she is focusing her studies in Gender Studies. She enjoys and appreciates artworks of various artists, her favorite being Banksy. Throughout this website, she will explore Bansky's art and discuss the importance of social issues portrayed through his art.


Noely Gonzalez is an undergraduate freshman and is studying for a Bachelor of Arts in  International Criminal Justice at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. A Latin@ of Dominican background, she cares about seeking justice internationally. As she explores Scott Langley's work, you will not only get a sense of what social justice is, but you will learn about Noely, and her definition of social justice.


Brenda Almaraz is an undergraduate student at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and is currently getting a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American and Latina/o Studies and Anthropology. As a Latin@ of Mexican heritage, she connects with the band Las Cafeteras. She interprets and analyzes the uniqueness of their rhythms, beats, and  lyrics that make up their music.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.