DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
Purposive Sampling

"A form of non-probability sampling in which decisions concerning the individuals to be included in the sample are taken by the researcher, based upon a variety of criteria which may include specialist knowledge of the research issue, or capacity and willingness to participate in the research. Some types of research design necessitate researchers taking a decision about the individual participants who would be most likely to contribute appropriate data, both in terms of relevance and depth." ~ Paul Oliver


This page highlights the ePortfolios and digital projects that have gained the most traction as determined by site visits.  I call this section of the website a purposive, purposeful sampling.


You will notice that each space is directed by distinct contemporary sociocultural issues.  Not all students chose to examine such issues but those that do seem to attract the largest audiences.


I examine the student digital projects archived here within a theory based/ operational construct sampling.  This means that I investigate manifestations of a theoretical construct of interest so as to elaborate and examine the construct of technocultural innovation.


In this sampling, palpable shifts in the students' self-actualization and technocultural innovation point to distinct social and intellectual purposes.



Working Definitions


Self-actualization: A process of realizing and enacting your potential through a new and/or renewed investment in your creativity, radical thought, and embodied critique against and within the social hierarchies and oppressions in your world(s).


TechnoCultural Innovation: A set of deliberate, conscious realizations about and creative digital responses to the intersections and interactions between technology, power, and culture. 



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.