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You have a worksheet for this session.  Please come to the session with that worksheet completed. Please note that this writing will not be collected in the session.  It is designed solely to help you organize your top tab.  Your final ePortfolio should communicate all of these tasks so make sure that you keep up with the work.  


This is the time to begin to think seriously about the kind of life you want to live and what you will do and contribute.   Good grades are not enough. Your service, awards, and honors must communicate who you are and who you are becoming, not simply how you are trying to fill up a resume!


Here are the things for you to think about and plan for your worksheet:

  1. What have you volunteered to do while in college so far?   If you have photos, please make sure you bring them.
  2. What honors have you received?  If you have attended a conference with a professor, list that here also.
  3. What awards have you received?  This includes scholarships.  If you have certificates of awards, please consider scanning the actual award (see the image to the right).  Click here for a sample. If you have a framed award, consider taking a photo with your phone and using that image on your ePortfolio.   You can also include photos of awards ceremonies. 

In your ePortfolio, you will need to write some narratives on the activities above that have impacted you most.  Think back to where you have an interesting story to tell or where you can really discuss social impact.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.