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Today you will create a webpage on your ePort that addresses questions A, B, C below.   This will be your visual design statement and everyone must have one for their ePort.  Remember how to create top tabs and left tabs for your webpages.  


After you have finished your first webpage, it’s time to understand how CSS works for ePortfolio technology.  You need to start coloring your containers and putting the plans for your visual design into effect.  Everyone should at least have a colored border on their website before you leave today.

A) Choose your 3-color package for your ePortfolio.  3-colors ONLY!  (If you want to play around with many colors, create a personal ePortfolio for that but the ePortfolio for this series is a professional space.  You are also publicly communicating your design abilities here.)  Make a webpage on your ePort and explain:

  • What is your 3-color package?  Why do you choose these three colors?  Why do you like them? How are these colors related on the color wheel?
  • What do you want these three colors to convey about your website, your writing, and about you?  
  • Make this writing interesting and engaging.
  • Remember that you need at least one visual on EVERY webpage and at least one weblink.

B) Your three colors need to be repeated in your ePortfolio.  The repetition helps your readers’ eyes move across the website.  The colors guide your reader the way a thesis statement or introduction would.  The repetition give your webspace logic and coherence. Go back to your three colors.  Discuss how you plan to use your colors now.  Which color gets used where and how?


C) You need to use color and design to make your top tab stand out.  Your top tab must have prominence and must communicate with the banner and with the rest of the site.  What colors in your banner and what colors in the top tab are in communication?  (This must still be in your 3-color package).  


Click here to read Carmen's design statement as an example. Now that you have made some decisions about your visual design, it’s time to learn the technology. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.