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You will hear the terms--- TOP TABS, TOP-NAV, TOP-NAVIGATION--- frequently. We are talking about this area of the ePortfolio:


You have 7 REQUIRED top-tabs to create:

  1. About Me and this Site
  2. My John Jay College Coursework
  3. Resume and Work Experiences
  4. Living in New York City.... OR... Living in New York City and Other Travels (this is for people who have photos of travel destinations where you can show cultural tours and visits that you made) 
  5.  Service, Honors, and Awards
  6. Reflections of the Journey (feel free to call this something else)
  7. Contact Me


You can add more tabs now or later as you build your professional experiences.  Here are other ideas:

  1. Focus on one particular course where you feel you did amazing projects or presentations that you can showcase.  Alternatively, you could highlight your major.  Remember, you need ARTIFACTS to show, not just decsription of what the course was like for you.  Click here for an example.
  2. Showcase a hobby, skill, or talent.  Are you a painter, photographer, dancer, second-degree black belt, poet?  Make a separate page for that.  Click here for an example. Remember, this is public space so consider licensing this work through Creative Commons and direct your audience how/if they can share your work.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.