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If you would like to make a banner using a free, online program, go to any one of these websites:





You can also use your computer to resize and embellish an existing image that you have.  Picasa is a free program from Google (download it to your computer, especially for MACs) that allows you to create sepia-tone photos and add effects and enhancements to an existing image.  You can double an image, transpose many images (like the Sankofa header for this ePort.)  Your Header will have to be 779 X 200 pixels so remember you are creating a long, narrow graphic that has to fit those parameters.


The videos below show you ways to create word art for your website without needing Photoshop. Just click on the words "Playlist" in the top left-hand corner and you have 8 videos to choose from. Word Art is a simple way for you to create original art for your pages. For those of you who work with/have photoshop, you might want to look for your own youtube tutorials if you want new ideas.  


Please know that you do NOT need photoshop to do creative things and create your own visual designs for your web presence! You have many examples in these videos. Choose whichever you like best and/or is easiest to do.  

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.