DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Two things before we start with the agenda:

1)  Please house all of your writing (including emails that you send) here on your ePortfolio. Create a new page called "Correspondences" under your REFLECTIONS tab.  Use the Gallery Module.  See Carmen's ePortfolio as an example: 



By the end of the semester, you should have an ePortfolio that you can open to the world.  You will receive a feedback sheet at our next session assessing how you are doing with your ePort so far.  In two months, you will have finished your first year of college!  Have something to show for it.  Notice Tira's and Kenny's signatures in their emails (they have roles/titles and ePortfolios there)!


2) Let's work on embedding and justifying an image again...as well as indenting and formatting.  These things become the difference in your website being professional and serious rather than juvenile and non-serious.  We will use Arnelle's ePortfolio today! Thank you to Arnelle for allowing us to view her webpages and change them LIVE!  Congratulations on your progress, Arnelle!



Now let's move on to #3 on today's agenda!

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.