DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

PART I. Congratulations to all of the following for creating a directory icon, header and background image for their ePortfolios:

Bayron Flores



Jessica Felix



Odelis Peralta



Kevin Yip



Tiara Davis



Stephanie Velasquez



Please make sure that you have a directory icon, header and background image ASAP! Please use the handouts from last week's sessions for more information.  



PART II. Please make sure that you have created all of the required top tabs.  Our first task will be to post Dr. Roure's homework.  YOU ARE GOING TO GIVE HER THE LINK TO YOUR WEBPAGE. Please make sure that you remember all of the following:

      • Do not indent paragraphs. 
      • If you cut and paste, make sure that you are cutting&pasting from a doc that is single-spaced.
      • Include at least one image that is right or left justified (make sure you give it credit).
      • Include a doc or pdf of your writing on your webpage.


PART III. Choose your 3-color package for your website.  Click here if you need more information on that. Go here for a color wheel: http://thestylenote.com/2013/04/09/styling-101-color-combinations/






PART IV. Peruse the website that gives you more Tools to work with your E-PORTFOLIO'S CSS. Click here.



For the next session on March 11, go to the tab called: Chronicling Service & Honors and read what is there for you.  Bring all required materials with you.  If you are not sure what to look at before the session, go to the homepage and look at the schedule.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.