DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

I. A Word about Your Digital Footprint

  • Edit and proofread for typos
  • Make sure NO page/section is empty
  • Decide how you will represent yourselves!

REMINDER: Expectations in Web Design & Digital Culture

1. Each page should be at least 350 words long (the equivalent of one page).
2. For EACH left tab/webpage, you need at least 1 weblink and at least 1 image. 
3. No images can float.  They must all be right or left-justified and match the content of your writing.   You also cannot have big chunks of words with no sound or image.  
4. Make sure that you do your paragraphing correctly.  Double space between paragraphs. No indenting!  (Do not center the whole text either.)
5. There should be no high-school-styled headings ANYWHERE.  
6. If you want to showcase a title, use wordart, bannermaker, Or digication’s table function.
7. Do not play Rainbow-Brite with font colors.  Stick with one font color.  Keep all fonts consistent.  Do not highlight the words unless that sentence/word is for IMPACT.  Otherwise your site will look juvenile.  


II. Personal Checklists

  • On EVERY empty page, write the following: This page is in progress. Please check back again in ----. 
  • Complete your personal checklist as you go though your site
  • Use the EXPRESS demo site to see a skeleton

III. Launching

  • Decide on John Jay Access vs. Public Access
  • Include social icons on your landing page

IV. Use the time remaining to revise, proofread, and upload... FINISH! 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.