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“Chasing Dreams”: An ePortfolio by Margie Perez

Look at this eportfolio to see the impact of sports on one young woman’s life: as design inspiration, as the impetus for facing shyness and one’s disability, and as a metaphor for how you should live your life.  Welcome to the world of an outstanding John Jay student-athlete! 


“The Writings on the Wall”: An ePortfolio by Brittney Phillips

Notice how words of inspiration frame Brittney’s ePortfolio: from the mood she wants to convey with her color design, to the design of the entire website, to the history that inspires her, to the ways that she chooses to live her daily life and political consciousness.  In her case, the words of inspiration come from the famous African American playwright, August Wilson: “Comfort the dark parts of yourself, and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness.  Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angles to sing.”


“To Create Yourself”: An ePortfolio by Nicole Vitrit

Here is a single-color ePortfolio, what we might call saturated color.  Notice how Nicole creates her banner and her expressive statement to make her writing, design, and message cohesive.  Nicole is also an artist, so be sure to follow her lead and share your talents and inspirations with the world.


“Ferocity”: An ePortfolio by Gianni Bogle-Estes

Notice how Gianni gives her ePortfolio a characteristic and follows through with her writing, color choices, and images: FEROCITY!  You should also look at the way that Gianni talks about herself as an artist and how she includes her own artwork in the ePortfolio.  For those of you who like dark/black backgrounds, Gianni has a technique that you can learn from!


The Life and Times of Lucille Burrascano

You just never know: you might be sitting next to someone famous while you are a student at John Jay College.  Take a look at Lucille Burrascano’s ePortfolio and you will meet the first member of the first two-woman car patrol officers in New York City, an early pioneer in work against sex crimes against women and children, and one of the first female police officers. 


“My World in My Words” by Christian Nunes

For those of you who like dark/black backgrounds, Christian has a technique that you can learn from!  Notice how the New York skyline--- New York as home--- and his passions for conveying the world from his own vantage points frame his ePortfolio and his writing.


"My Words, My Story": An ePortfolio by Carla Monica Villamin

Carla uses color as a medium to communicate the connections between her banner, background, and her overall commitment to living a passionate life.  You will also notice that Carla has included links to her own performances and vlogs on youtube and her own artwork across many pages of the ePort. She has done an excellent job of locating images through Creative Commons to make her ePortfolio an overall visually complex experience.


"In Pursuit": An ePortfolio by Angelo Sotiropoulos

Do you like the Pittsburgh Steelers? How about another team?  It is not trivial as Angelo will show you here. Angelo and his family have spent many countless hours following their team and obviously, thereby, bonding as a family.  In fact, his inspiration for writing even comes from his father's hero--- the man in Black, Johnny Cash--- who his visual design also nods to.  Let Angelo inspire you here: use all of the depth of your experiences to design your site.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.