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A Case Study in Digital Creativity:


We have looked at many critical issues related to digital culture now.  Now, we will look at one of Carmen's favorite hackers/graffiti writers/ artists/ coders and see how digital creativity can be designed and shared.


Today, we will look at a computer program: a music video that was created using code with that source-code publicly shared so that audiences anywhere could create the same thing (if you know how to program, that is).  Of course, I am talking about Evan Roth’s infamous Jay-Z video that ends with source code!  One word and 8 letters… that’s all you need to communicate this message: B.R.O.O.K.L.Y.N!


We won't be doing as anything as complicated as this code video.  But we will follow through on the Brooklyn hype that this code/video inspired (the song was created for the epic movie about Jackie Robinson).


Inspired by Roth, this writing prompt takes you to Brooklyn, to the Barclays Center, the large indoor arena that seems to host and show everything these days.  For today, we will ignore the gentrification, new traffic overflow, and real estate wealth that the Center represents and we will occupy Barclays, so to speak (at least in our writing assignment.)


For today, your job is create a concert or an event, even the line-up.  You can feature anyone you like (you can even bring the ancestors back in the flesh).  It can’t go longer than one evening but you can host/present whoever you want.  Who will open, who comes next, what is the order, and who will end the show as the final headliner?  You get to decide. 


Who will come?  What will your role there be?  Will you participate or will you get a special VIP room?  How will you get there?  Who is coming with you?  Who will you advertise this event to?  How will you do the advertising and why that way?  What is the title of this event?  Why that?


Have some fun with this!  

PART ONE: Spend your first five minutes jotting down notes.    


PART TWO: Now write an introduction— at least one paragraph long.  Think of this writing as something that might go on your ePort as a piece that reflects who you are and what you value (that comes across in this writing already!)  Your reader is not from John Jay College, maybe not even familiar with NYC or urban areas.  They definitely do NOT know the prompt for this assignment.  Come up with a creative introduction that makes this piece readable to a larger audience.  For instance, here is an example: Imagine having the power to bring back Heavy D for one day, for a concert of a lifetime.  There are no limitations in time, space, and money.  The infamous  profit-driven Barclay’s Center belongs to the community on this day.  I know exactly what I would create for an event. (Shout Out to William for thinking of Heavy D for his concert!)  Make sure that you add something at the very beginning to make this piece BOTH interesting and accessible to people NOT in the course!


PART THREE: Write at least another two paragraphs giving the details of your event.  When you are all done, take notes for yourself on what else you would add to this piece in case you choose it for your ePortfolio.  Would you add images?  What kind?  Would you embed videos?  Which?  Then make sure that you absolutely do not lose this!  Keep it in your folder when in doubt! (For those who prefer to write digitally, use your laptops/netbooks/etc instead today.)


PART FOUR: Find two lines that you will read aloud to the class.  This writing is too good to keep to yourselves.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.