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We will use My Beloved World as an anchor and inspiration to create our own interactive narratives.  This is the reading assignment if you choose to focus on Sonia Sotomayor.


As we study Sotomayor’s life, think about her story itself, the reasons she is compelled to tell it, and the way that she communicates to us.  Justice Sotomayor is very aware of herself as a public figure who can inspire and influence.  Let’s take on that kind of role for writing and communicating in our lives as well.


Part One: 

“As A Latina, Sonia Sotomayor Says, ‘You Have To Work Harder’”

Read all of Justice Sotomayor’s interview with Terry Gross at NPR (National Public Radio) in January of 2014.   Click here for the interview. You can also listen to this interview.  Click here to listen.  As you read and/or listen to this interview, make note of at least 2 places where you are impacted (either negatively or positively).


Part Two: 

My Beloved World

You should have received My Beloved World at orientation. If not, find out where you can still get a copy.  Take it upon yourself to educate yourself about Sotomayor’s life and understand that you are witnessing a landmark moment in United States history.  Read at least an excerpt from the book that NPR has made available (click on this sentence).  Notice the comments to the excerpt.  What do you think of how the other readers responded to Noel Plante?


Part Three: 

“From the Bronx to the Bench”

Watch the Interactive Video below (click on the image to be weblinked to the photo display.)


Part Four: 

“A Talk with Justice Sonia Sotomayor

Let’s see and hear more from Justice Sotomayor. Play the video below.  Notice that all of the questions come from college students.  Perhaps, these are also the questions that you might ask Sotomayor:

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.