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Change in Presentation Schedule for April 24

First Half: Anna R followed by Zach

Second Half: Rageene followed by Casey

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There is no face-to-face class today since Carmen is attending a conference.  Here are your tasks.


Part One

Read over the guidelines for ePortfolio deadline #2.  Your deadline is Saturday, April 25 at midnight.  Here are your guidelines:

After you read over these guidelines, please send an email to professorkynard@gmail.com addressing the following:

  1. What questions or concerns, if any, do you have about ePort deadline #2?
  2. What demos, if any, do you need for the ePort at this time?
  3. How do you feel about your ePort's look and content so far?

Please send this email to Professor Carmen by 1:30pm on the day of class, Friday, April 17.


Begin working towards your ePortfolio deadline. Pace yourself.  You have until April 25 to finish.  Please feel free to come to Professor Carmen's office (NB 7.65.27) next week Tuesday or Thursday to pick up grades from ePort #1 and from your weebly website.



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Part Two

The plan for our time in class was to unpack digital rhetoric and 21st century literacy more thoroughly now that you have an ePort and website under your belts.  The reading activity that was planned for in-class, you will need to do on your own now. We wil discuss this reading in class together when we meet again.  During classtime, please read the chapter below.


Print this chapter out and annotate it THOROUGHLY IN THE MARGINS (hardcopies are available on the office door: NB7.65.27).  Bring the hardcopy of the chapter with your annotations to next week's class (it will be collected).


In the margins of the chapter, jot down your thoughts to the following:
1) On pages 1 to 3, underline or highlight those places that seem true/accurate for you, a place where you agree with the authors. Comment in the margins--- explain why this point rings true for you.  If there is nothing you agree with, move on to #2.
2) On pages 1 to 3, underline or highlight those places where you disagree with the authors. In the margins, explain why. If there is nothing you disagree with, move on to #3.
3) Read pages 3 to 6 (start where the sections are numbered).   Pay close attention to the sentences in boldface.  Find  any one place where you can feel that you have the skills/ knowledge that the authors are discussing and underline that part.  Describe those skills and knowledge in the margin.
4) This piece was written in 2007 (Professor Carmen read an earlier version as a graduate student in 2005).  This piece is considered very dated in the sense that most teachers have moved FAR beyond these technological classroom strategies by now in 2015.  Does the piece have any relevance for you?  Do most of your classrooms (excluding this course) achieve the five claims/suggestions listed by the authors? Why or why not?  What do you think of this?  Jot your anwers to this on the last page of the reading.

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Part Three

Begin to familiarize yourself with the next and last project of the couse: digital storytelling.  Click here for an overview and examples.   Please see syllabus for due dates and scaffolding related to this project. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.