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Congratulations, you are done with the Literature!  We begin data collection now.  Today, you need to decide on semi-structured or structured interviews for your study… it’s all up to you. (If you have your laptop, you can answer this question right on your ePort, just open a new left tab under RESEARCH PROJECT and call it Methods.)


I. Writing Prompt: Your Interview Style


II. Discussion of Fall 2014 Honors Showcase ePortfolios (5 points extra)



III. Overview of Consent Forms, Methodology, and Data Page

NO RESEARCH PROJECT WILL BE GRADED WITHOUT CONSENT SLIPS FIRST. These are due December 5.  Please click here for a digital version of your consent slip.



IV. Meet with Writing Group and Work on Methods Posters

Fair-Testing and Counter-Standardization Movements: Aaron, Gabi, Michelle

Gender, Women, and Media: Alex, Casey, Haley, Marissa, Stacy 

Government, Politics, and Awareness: Dan, Joe, Sam

Poverty, Homelessness & Economic Justice: Niven, Richard, Siena, and Veena

Relevance & Purposes of Education & Schooling: Artemis, Chris, Joshua, Sarah

Social/Cultural Politics: Michael, Steven, Valentiena

Student Loan Crisis: Briana, Kelley



We are going old school today— charts and markers!  You are going to write out your methods section today on chart paper (see what the handout asks you to do).  We will tape these to the walls like an art gallery. Then we will take a look at everyone’s work, offer feedback, steal ideas, etc.  You will take this chart and write it up AS the methods sections on your ePortfolio. Please take your poster off the wall/windows at the end of class. Take a photo of your poster right after you have taped it to the wall (or have a friend do so).



VI. The In-Class Pilot Study  

  1. Find a partner from your writing/research group.
  2. Try out your interview questions on them NOW.  You have 15-20 minutes.  See how much data you can collect in that time.
  3. As an interviewee, be prepared to tell your interviewer how you felt about the questions you were asked!

VII. Summary of the Pilot Results (THIS MUST ALL GO ON YOUR METHODS WEBPAGE— POINT #5).  In writing, answer all of the following:

You need to write at least 200 words here.  DO NOT REPEAT THE PROMPT.  This should sound like a formal research methods discussion. Start like this: The results of my pilot study showed me that…

  1. How did your pilot study go?  Explain.
  2. How many more questions do you think you will need and why?  OR, do you need fewer questions and why?
  3. Which interview question worked best? Why do you think this was the case?
  4. Was there an interview question that seemed to fall flat? Why do you think this was the case?
  5. How did the order of your questions work? Why do you think this was the case?
  6. How long do you think you will need to conduct your interviews?
  7. How has this pilot study prepared you better and just generally made you“all that & a bag of chips” as a researcher?
  8. (OPTIONAL) You can add this sentence if you like: One interesting issue that emerged from my pilot study was when one participant responded that… (you CANNOT use people’s names here or anywhere)

VIII. Discussion of Pilot Studies


Part Three: Defining Qualitative Methods

IX. More Writing about Methodology (THIS MUST ALL GO ON YOUR METHODS WEBPAGE--- POINT #3)

  1. You need to discuss the what and why of qualitative methodology in your own words. Find one part (2-3 sentences) that you like and paraphrase it in your own words.
  2. Find 1 quote. Now add the quote to your paraphrase.  You need a lead-in and then a follow-up.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.