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Part One
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

I. Presentations: Anna R. and Zach


II. Announcements

  • Your grades have been updated on the ePortfolio now.  Go to the digication homepage.  Look at MY COURSES.  You should see this seminar listed.  Look for your grade book.  Average your grades.
  • The final exam in this class asks you to REVISE any ONE project/point-spread (it is optional). If you chose to have this website re-graded, you must return the point-spread on final exam day (no other times available) with your work revised!  No point-spread, no re-grade!

III. THEORIZING WHAT WE ARE DOING: Why Multimodal Composition?

  1. Take a moment and look back on your comments to the reading assignment+annotations that are due today.  Be prepared to discuss this with your colleagues.
  2. In your small group, discuss each person's agreements.
  3. In your small group, discuss each person's disagreements.
  4. Discuss whether or not these issues seem relevant.  In other words, are these issues so commonplace now that all of your classes here at JJay look like this?


  • Chart your COLLECTIVE agreements on a chart.  (If you did not agree with anyone at all, you might have to make your own chart). 
  • Take a photo of this chart before you leave (or have a friend do it for you).  You will need this photo for your ePortfolio.
  • You must finish before the break.

Submit your annotations before you leave today!

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Part Two
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I. Presentations: Rageene and Casey



Taking it a Step Further

1) Add more complicated coding.  Click here for ideas.

2) Add in gifs.  Click here for an example.

3) Add banners for titles on webpages (use puresilvabannermaker.com as one example).  Click here for an example.


1) Click here for a sample Reflections Page.

2) Click here for a sample Website Presentation page.  Here is another sample.

Making a Gallery

1) Click here for using the Gallery Module.

Other Ideas

Feel free to make new top tabs in order to make the theme of your site work, especially with the Digital Storytelling Project!


For inspiration, visit your colleagues' ePorts in the class!!

III. Introduction to Digital Storytelling & Overview


IV. Read Aloud Time

  • Please note: when you submit your writing, it should be marked up with presentation notes to yourself
  • Give reading/sound tips and ask if there are enough CONCRETE details!

V. Introduction to Audacity 

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