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Two More Classes Left (Including the Final Exam)


Research Groups

Fair-Testing and Counter-Standardization Movements: Aaron, Gabi, Michelle

Gender, Women, and Media: Alex, Casey, Haley, Marissa, Stacy 

Government, Politics, and Awareness: Dan, Joe, Sam

Poverty, Homelessness & Economic Justice: Niven, Richard, Siena, and Veena

Relevance & Purposes of Education & Schooling: Artemis, Sarah

Social/Cultural Politics: Michael, Steven, Valentiena

Student Loan Crisis: Briana, Chris, Kelley

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Part One: Saturating Categories & Your Findings Webpage

I. Writing Prompt: What Difference Does My Data Make?

Click here for ideas on writing an introduction!


II. Listing & SATURATING Categories

  1. Take out a piece of paper, or open up a document on your laptop, or add a richtext module to your RAW DATA WEBPAGE.  At the top, write out SATURATED CATEGORIES
  2. List out (in bulleted, numbered form) every TOPIC/ISSUE that your research participant brings up (you might want to number your notes or write down the time-stamp)
  3. Your topic/issue should be 1-4 words (a word or phrase), not a sentence
  4. You should have a list of at least 15 items per interview, the more the better, until you can’t come up with a single more thing

III. Theme Decisions

  1. Group your categories into 3-5 themes
  2. Give each theme an interesting and unique title
  3. Place each item/category into one of these 3-5 themes; label each category making sure each category fits somewhere

IV. Research Group Discussions

What are the overlaps/similarities and differences? 


V. Writing Up the Data Themes

Take any one theme and now “write it up” right after the writing prompt.  This is YOUR FINDINGS WEBPAGE. Explain the theme and then explain each place from the data where the theme comes up.  Make it interesting. Make it creative.  Tell the story.


VI. Take a photo of any notes that you have taken today.  Remember to upload this to your draft gallery.


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Part Two: Final Preparation for Your ePortfolio

I. Make all Left Tabs for your Research Project (8 in total)

Make sure the RAW DATA and DRAFTS come last.  Your order matches a lengthy research article: Abstract & Introduction, Lit Review, Methodology, Findings, Conclusion (put the proposal where you want)


II. Re-arrange all Top Tabs

Reflections and Contact should come last; you decide the rest.


III. Make a webpage for your 6th Reflection

Leave it empty for now; just use it as a reminder for what you need to do later.


IV. Make a note to yourself SOMEWHERE listing any empty pages

There can be no empty webpages in the final ePortfolio! Go back and click on each page and see where you have something missing.

*****For Showcase ePortfolios, hide the pages that you do not want to show!

*****For Showcase ePortfolios, go public now if you haven't already!


V. Work on Overview and eContents for Your Whole ePortfolio now

Go to 101 Skeleton for guidelines.

First: Write your overview

Second: Finish your TOC before leaving today

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.